What to do if a buyer returns the wrong or damaged item

Sometimes buyers mistakenly return a different item than the one they purchased from you or a damaged item. If this happens, you can file a SAFE-T claim with Amazon:

  1. Search the Order Id under Manage Orders to see if the order has been refunded
  2. If the order has been refunded:
    1. Take photos of the package AND the item that was returned
    2. Enter Order ID here: Click Here
    3. Upload photos and submit an appeal
    4. Click here to see a sample appeal. Edit the appeal to fit your return situation.
  3. If the order has not been refunded:
    1. Message the customer and let them know that they may have accidentally returned the wrong item
    2. Inform them that they can return the correct item for a refund
    3. If the buyer indicates that they would like the wrong item back, consider sending it back to them
    4. If there is an A-to-z Guarantee Claim for the order, visit the A-to-z Guarantee Claim section and submit an appeal
    5. If the order gets refunded by Amazon, start with step 2 above


    Sample Appeal

    We have authorized the return request and were fully willing to provide a full refund plus the customer’s shipping upon return of the item.

    However, we did not issue a full refund because the original item we sent was not returned to us. Instead, the customer returned a previously owned bulb that was not the original blake fluid that we sent. The customer did not comply with Amazon’s policy to return the same item purchased in usable condition, and we are unable to re-sell the item to recuperate the loss.

    Again, we had already authorized the return request and were willing to provide a full refund once the item was returned to us.

    Please consider refunding us the price of the refund as we have done everything according to Amazon’s policies.