How Amazon & Channel Bloom Work

What’s an ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This is a unique set of characters assigned by Amazon to each listing that allows them to easily keep track of the items being listed. 

Shared listings 

Amazon is a shared marketplace. This means that when someone creates a new product page (ASIN), any seller must sell on that page if they’re selling the exact same item. Because anyone can create ASINs, not all ASINs are high quality. Some sellers may create problem listings that do not conform to Amazon’s best practices. The most common issues we experience with ASINs are incorrect manufacturer or brand, incomplete data, multi-packs, and kits. 

To get you started, we'll list you on all the ASINs we currently have in our database. Listings are constantly created, and we continuously update our database to add any new ASINs. 

Pricing / Repricer

We upload your listing with two or three different prices for each product: minimum price, starting price, and sometimes maximum price.  The minimum price is the most important because this is the lowest price that you items will ever be sold at.  The minimum price is calculated based on your cost and includes your requested markup, average shipping cost, and fees. The starting price is based off of the minimum price. And the maximum price is based off of the starting price.

Your items will be at the starting price when your items are first listed or after a monthly pricing update.  From there, the repricer will adjust your pricing up or down based on the pricing of the other sellers on that listing. We recommend a low minimum price to allow you to be competitive on a variety of prices. If other sellers are above your minimum price the repricer will match or go a few cents below their price. If they are below your minimum price the repricer will stop at the set minimum price. 

The repricer will stop working if you manually change the price, either by going into manage inventory and changing it or through the selling coach by clicking match price.  If you price your items below the minimum or above the maximum, Amazon will automatically disable the listing and generate a pricing error.  Also, if you make any manual changes to pricing those changes will be overwritten during the next month's pricing update, unless you notify us of the change.  It's best to contact us with any price change requests or questions so we can handle them for you and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Buy Box

The Buy Box is the big yellow add to cart button on the product page. The seller listed above it is the seller that currently has the Buy Box. Below the Buy Box is a short list of the sellers who are selling on that ASIN and a link to view all the other sellers.

How to win the Buy Box and stay eligible

To be in the Buy Box you must first be Buy Box eligible.  If you’re a new seller, as part of our services we get you Buy Box eligibility at launch.  It’s your job to keep it after launch. View Amazon's article about winning the Buy Box here:

In order to keep Buy Box eligibility, you must maintain good seller performance metrics by:

  • Avoiding negative feedback and claims
  • Limiting the amount of orders you cancel
  • And shipping your orders on time

You can view how you're doing on the Account Health page in Seller Central.