A-to-z Claims

A-to-z Guarantee Claims typically happen when the shopper is unable to come to a resolution for an issue they’re having with their order. Customers are always required to contact you before filing the claim. Once the buyer has contacted you, either via buyer messages or a return request, you have 48 hours to come up with a satisfactory resolution to their issue. If the buyer is still not satisfied after 48 hours, they can open an A-to-z guarantee claim. If that happens, Amazon will notify you of the claim and give you 3 calendar days to respond with information that proves that you attempted to resolve the customer’s issues to the best of your abilities.

To respond to an A-to-z Guarantee claim navigate to Performance > A-to-z claims.  In the Action Required tab (which is the default tab), find the relevant claim and select Respond to Amazon.  Enter your comments in the text box.  Then click Submit.

After submitting your defense, Amazon will review it and decide on one of the following claim resolution (The red ones go against your metrics):

• Closed/Denied - The buyer’s claim is denied and no refund is given.

• Closed/Refunded - The seller refunds the buyer after the claim is opened and the claim is closed.

• Closed/Seller Funded - The claim is closed and the seller funds the refund. 

• Withdrawn: The buyer cancels the claim.

• Granted/Amazon Funded - The claim is closed in favor of the buyer and Amazon refunds the buyer. 

• Granted/Seller Funded - The claim is closed in favor of the buyer and the seller refunds the buyer.

Here are some common A-to-z Guarantee claim situations and how to handle them:


Claim With Buyer Communication

If a buyer communicated with you either via buyer messages, or by opening a return request and they still open a claim after 48-hours, you will need to make sure to respond to the message or approve the return request before responding to the claim. Once you’ve responded, you can go into the A-to-z claim and submit your defense. For example: 

“We have approved the customer’s return request and will provide a full refund upon receiving the return.  Please close this claim.”


Claim Without Buyer Communication

In some cases, a buyer will call Amazon and open a claim over the phone.  In this case, the Amazon representative who spoke to the buyer will include notes from their conversation in the claim. Depending on what the buyer is having an issue with, make sure to take action to resolve the issue before responding to the claim. You can use a similar response as the example above.  If the issue is something that you can satisfactorily resolve with the shopper then we recommend asking Amazon to please close the claim.